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Prepare for Success

Test Prep Services is dedicated to providing you with the best test preparation software on the market today. Our programs are very well respected in the academic world, providing bona-fide, tangible results. Our programs represent a tremendous value. Our college level courses are designed to catapult students from their current language arts, math and science levels, to the top scoring percentiles nationally. You and your child will begin to see the benefits of this program immediately.

Scholarship Guide Service

First, your student must PREPARE! PREPARE! PREPARE! We hope you will trust in our CD Rom materials for that. You have good reason to; the program has helped over 3 million students score higher on their SAT and ACT tests. Next, you want to find and obtain scholarship and/or grant monies for your student.

Our SCHOLARSHIP GUIDE SERVICE takes the guesswork out of finding the appropriate scholarships and grants for your student, and will save you countless hours of tedious legwork. You will likely find the SCHOLARSHIP GUIDE SERVICE portion of our website an invaluable tool.

Once you purchase the program you will have full, unrestricted access to our online SCHOLARSHIP GUIDE SERVICE, absolutely free!